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We make more than the tip of the iceberg visible

There is a multitude of innovative enterprises in Steinburg and Itzehoe with visionary developments, often unsufficiently perceived by potential business partners.


Therefore, the full potential of innovations within the northern part of the metropolitan region of Hamburg is presented in the innovation directory first-time.


Innovations add and secure new jobs.

They provide the basis for the structural change of the region to a new successful technology site in Schleswig-Holstein.

Competitive advantages through innovations

The desire for new developments is boundless. World-wide, research and development is done to create business opportunities and competitive advantages.


With the cluster for microtechnologies, the County of Steinburg is securing the future through innovations. Settlements from the US, Japan and the rest of the world are proof of the competitive edge of the region.


The amount of Steinburgs´so-called "hidden champions" is impressive.

Convince yourself!


Steinburg is proud of the enterprises who compete through innovations world-wide.

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