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G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KG

Kieler Straße 11

25551 Hohenlockstedt


+49-(0)4826 / 59 0 
+49-(0)4826 / 59 109 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
339 (März 2005) 
50 Mio. EUR (2004) 
Contact person: 
Marianne Boskamp, Managing Director 
Dr. Henning Ueck, Technical Director 
Rüdiger Pohlmann, PR 

Industrial sector

  • Pharmaceutics


Fields of application

  • Focuses of the company are pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the areas

- Respiratory tracts

- Cardiovascular system

- Gastrointestinal

- Geriatrics

- Sedatives and soporifics

- Urinary tract


  • Research, development, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals
  • Acute treatment drugs on nitroglycerine basis for self-medication and for intensive care

  • Respiratory tracts preparation on herbal basis, which is “evidence based medicine”
  • Comprehensive patient information which exceeds the required legal directions for the use of medical products
  • Continuous scientific education and active participation at topical conferences worldwide


Registered trademarks:

GeloMyrtol®, Nitrolingual®, Chloraldurat®, Gelovital®, GeloSitin®, Uropol®, Baldurat®, GeloBronchial®, GeloDurat®, GeloNasal®, Nitrosorbon®, Monopur®, Laxopol® u.a.

Other locations

Production, packaging and logistics centre in Dägeling, district Steinburg


  • Regular inspection through the German drug authority and the American health authority FDA with corresponding certifications
  • Certified manufacturer of medical devices


Drugs from Pohl-Boskamp - feel the impact

Innovations shape the history of Pohl-Boskamp from the beginning. In particular in the field of capsule production and pharmaceuticals containing nitrate, numerous innovations have been introduced, for example the first gastric juice resistant capsule and the first nitrate preparations in the form of capsules and later in spray form.


Today Pohl-Boskamp is market leader for acute sprays on nitroglycerine basis. Worldwide doctors and patients trust in Pohl-Boskamp export strongest product, a medicament for the emergency treatment of heart diseases. Likewise a respiratory tract medicinal product on herbal basis is medically established because of its in-depth impact.


This is characteristic for the company from Hohenlockstedt, whose guiding idea is to provide the patient with a fast and noticeable recovery. We take particular notice of the individual needs of different patient groups. Recently, a new medical device for a rare urinary bladder disease has been made available, which gives patients the long-awaited noticeable comfort. Research and development take place in-house in a progressive laboratory. The technical division constantly works on innovations in the manufacturing process. A recently obtained success: In the new equipped production centre in Dägeling a self developed procedure for the coating of soft gelatine capsules will be implemented.


Pohl-Boskamp is owned and managed since 1890 in the fourth generation by the Boskamp family and will remain an independent family business in the future, whose culture is characterised by innovative work models, openness and communication.

Headquarters in Hohenlockstedt

Packaging and logistic centre in Dägeling

Packaging under strict hygiene regulations

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