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Softarray GmbH

Fraunhoferstraße 3

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 6 04 81 60 
+49-(0)4821 / 6 04 81 61 
(im Aufbau) 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
Contact person: 
Ralf Hickson-Brown 

Industrial sector

  • Software solutions for the disposal industry


Fields of application

  • Disposal management in general, particularly container services, dumping grounds, collection centres for valuable substances and multi material recycling centres, gravel mines



  • Conwin as client/server CRM solution for the disposal industry
  • dataMap2 integrates vector-card systems into existing client/server applications
  • Training and consulting services for software installation at operational level

  • Integration of customer specific requirements into Conwin
  • Customer support hotline


Other locations

  • Chemnitz, Germany



  • datafactory AG Leipzig in the sector of fleet control


Company profile

Softarray GmbH is a spin-off which emerged out of an MBO. Ralf Hickson-Brown, Director of Softarray, saw the opportunity of a take-over to assure the disposal management expertise gathered over 10 years, and to utilise this know-how for a targeted development of the product. Further goals are to assure the high product quality and to expand service and support, thus intensifying customer relations.


The product Conwin is established on the market with over 100 waste management enterprises using it already and represents a comprehensive overall data processing solution for daily business operations in the disposal industry. This includes address administration, quotation processing/sales support, order processing, scheduling, vehicle scales link-up, subcontractor accounting, invoicing including part payment administration and reminder management. Through connection to a fleet management system, online vehicle localisation and order monitoring are also guaranteed. The data generated in Conwin can be visualised on a card system using our complementary product dataMap2. Conwin offers support for an optimal utilisation of capacities in personnel, vehicles, containers, systems and other resources and thus facilitates efficient operations.


Conwin is a profitable investment. All business processes can be mapped, so you have the possibility to perfect your service. The fast invoicing procedures guarantees a higher liquidity. The release by using Conwin results in more time for talking to your customers, which leads to more reliance and customer loyalty.


Softarray delivers, installs and consults in all questions around Conwin. You will be attended through trainings during the familiarisation phase, so a smooth start with Conwin is possible. Our hotline will support you in any questions with the daily handling using Conwin. Together with our customers we develop and implement programme additions and enlargements, which are tested in practical applications, implement new legal stipulations and new technologies. The constant enhancements are for all customers via updates available.

Example for a Conwin data mask

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