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SLTec GmbH

Katenkoppel 12

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 957 86 25 
+49-(0)4821 / 957 86 26 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
400.000 EUR 
Contact persons: 
Dr. Frank Lechtenberg, Olaf Sokolowski 

Industrial sector

  • Electronic image processing and automation


Fields of application

  • Production control and quality assurance in various industrial processes
  • Sectors are e. g. medical technology, fabrics and cloth production, semiconductor industry, electronics, automotive industry, metal processing, machine construction
  • Research and education



  • Standard product Metric PE (manual measuring software for measuring live and fixed images with simple measurement functions)
  • Standard product Metric PA (archive software complementing the standard measuring software, used to administrate the measurement data), multi-user compatible
  • Sector-specific solutions for quality assurance in different sectors
    - FlexoCheck in the flexo printing area
    - MeshCheck for silk-screen print and for technical fabrics
    - IllumiCheck for LC displays
  • ProfilCheck (learns and analyses the form of a master object)
  • HoleCheck (automatic measuring of drillings and punch holes)
  • LetterCheck (fully automatic recognition of numbers, letters and special characters)
  • FibreCheck (measures the diameter of a single fibre or wire)
  • Specific solutions for the customers measurement and control



  • Numerous national and international distribution partners


Quality is measurable - with the image processing software of SLTec

Since the year 2000, SLTec GmbH and their partners develop and distribute software solutions for electronic image processing and automation, which simplify the complex and sometimes complicated field of electronic image processing.


The standard software METRIC displays a digital benchmark for image processing – a kind of folding rule for the computer. The simple handling and the possibility of measuring live pictures and overlaying with objects and pictures is the essential advantage of Metric. Even perspective distorted images can be automatically calibrated. METRIC can be connected to any video and digital camera and is particularly suitable for SME who want to practise quality assurance cost-effective and with little technical effort. METRIC is available in seven languages.


SLTecs’ software solutions are successfully being utilised in research and education as well as in numerous industrial sectors to measure and control work processes and quality assurance. METRIC is used, wherever distances and lengths on images have to be identified.

So that you know, how much two feet are.

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