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Maschinenbau u. Konstruktion GmbH Elmshorn

Sandkamp 10

25368 Kiebitzreihe


+49-(0)4121 / 45 68 0 
+49-(0)4121 / 50 38 9 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
6 Mio. EUR 
Contact person: 
Wolf Dietrich, Director 
Otto Kailun, Project Engineer 

Industrial sector

  • Customized machine construction


Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Aircraft construction
  • Glass industry (light bulbs)
  • Food industry
  • Paper processing industry



  • Material flow systems
    - Handling robots
    - Palletising and depalletising plants
    - Single entry access control systems
    - Rotation devices
  • Special robots, special purpose grippers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Large scale ultrasonic cutters
  • Radiation protection cabins with manipulators for material testing
  • Planning of workstations/manufacturing cells
  • Manufacturing based on customer specifications/drawings
  • Assembly and service


Individual automation for material flow

Maschinenbau und Konstruktion GmbH Elmshorn (MuK) develops and builds individual, customer-specific solutions for production automation. The handling systems and special robots produced in Kiebitzreihe are applied wherever components and goods are transported, conveyed to further processing, packaged, palletised or depalletised. Especially in cases where “ready-made” standard solutions do not match, MuK delivers customized solutions. So the company has developed handling robots, which mount the car doors at the assembly line. Palletising plants from MuK achieve what seemed impossible before: they do not only manage extraordinarily high quantities, but they also adapt flexible to different-sized items or pallets and varying packaging patterns during the palletising process. At the same time they avoid rejected goods even when handling sensitive goods – many satisfied MuK customers are in the glass industry.


A special core competency of MuK is aviation. MuK has already developed numerous plants for the handling and processing of material used in aircraft construction, e. g. for laying-out of reinforced carbon fibre material sheets. These sheets can be automatically cut with high precision by MuKs’ ultrasonic cutter. Special lifting and swivelling devices enable an easy installation of rudders and flaps. A recent innovation is the core hole drilling machine, which was especially developed for material testing in aircraft construction. The network-independent drill provides smooth edges by the drilling core draw-off; thanks to a special coating of the drill the reinforced carbon material does not fray.


In addition to constructing assembly groups, customised machines and complete production lines in 3D, MuK also writes the software for new developed plants. The customer receives everything from one source – from planning via initiation of operations up to maintenance. One thing is common to all special systems from the automation expert MuK: they optimise the material flow in production and for this reason provide higher efficiency, precision and safety.

the core piece of this MuK palletiser is an articulated robot. The MuK machines in the robot periphery compile the cardboard bundles into the required gripping units, so that the robot can easily de-stack large quantities of bundles.

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