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Sterling SAT

Kaddenbusch 21

25578 Dägeling


+49-(0)4821 / 90 00 0 
+49-(0)4821 / 90 00 501 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
161 (location Dägeling and Tönning) 
27 Mio. EUR (2003) 
Contact persons: 
Johannes Bottema 
Harald Bultmann 

Industrial sector

  • Plant engineering and construction


Fields of application

  • Automotive industry
  • Transport industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Other branches of industry



Filling systems for fluids in the automotive industry

  • Online filling systems for final assembly lines
  • Offline filling systems for use in repair areas
  • Handling systems, which move the filling adapters to the filling connections on the vehicle system
  • Conditioning machines for the treatment, mixing and recovery of fluids


Test equipment (brake pedal checker, leakage tester for air conditioning system)

  • Dry vacuum systems (SIHI dry)
  • Compressor systems
  • Membrane systems for recovery of fluids and treatment of exhaust gas
  • Fluid pump systems (e. g. to pump liquid gas at filling stations)
  • Customer specific development, planning, installation and after sales service
  • <o:p>Commissioned testing of complex processes and systems</o:p>


Other locations

  • Manufacturing and assembly centre of Sterling SAT in Tönning, Germany
  • Sterling PCU: Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Sterling Filling & Testing Sales and Service centre in Shanghai, PR China

  • Sterling Fluid Systems Group operates in 40 countries with over 100 locations



  • DIN ISO 9001:2000
  • DIN ISO 14001
  • EN 729-2
  • TRB 200/AD


Filling and testing in the automotive industry

In every modern automobile there are a number of components which function on the basis of fluids. All these fluid systems need to be filled and tested in the final assembly of the automobile production. This is the job of Sterling SAT. For over 30 years the company is a successful player in systems engineering for the process industry and develops customer specific systems based on vacuum and compressor technologies. For instance, SAT offers systems for automatic filling of the various fluid systems of a vehicle and thus guarantees the economical and environment-friendly filling of brake systems, power steering systems, gears, cooling systems and air condition systems, as well as fuel systems. These systems are used worldwide by all well-known automotive manufacturers.


Thereby Sterling SAT products minimise waste production and strictly adhere to environmental requirements. In case of exchange or repair of components, the contained fluids can be purified and recovered. Customer specific membrane systems moreover enable efficient treatment of gases and vapours which are a by-product of the process industry.


Total Quality Assurance (TQA) has the greatest significance in the automotive industry. That is why Sterling SAT has developed a series of reliable, high-precision testing devices. An innovative leakage tester from SAT is able to detect leaks in air conditions already in the assembly process and exclude ecological and economical disadvantages beforehand.


As part of the Sterling Fluid Systems Group, Sterling SAT offers a global customer service network which is unparalleled in the industry.

Filling plant for several media

Test equipment for checking the brakes

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