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ABN Akustik-Planungsbüro-Nord GmbH

Schinkelweg 9a

25597 Breitenberg


+49-(0)4822 / 73 91 
+49-(0)4822 / 58 98 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
Contact person: 
Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Peter Bruhn 

Industrial sector

Technical sound insulation, building interior, measurement engineering

Fields of application

Power plants
Filling plants
Plant construction
Ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinics
Shooting stands
Electrical industry
Construction of aggregates
Food industry, breweries
Aircraft construction, automotive industry
Power transmission and distribution
Pharmaceutical industry
Emergency power systems
Combined heating and power stations
Waste incineration plants
Wind energy plants


Sound proofing, noise control container
Noise prevention walls, sound absorbing doors
Acoustic ceilings
Sound absorbers
Aerating and de-aerating systems
Aerating sound absorbers
Sliding block absorbers
Hearing test cabins
Perforated sheet cassettes
Absorbing wall and ceiling covers
Transformer capsules
Inductor enclosures
Anechoic measuring cubicles
Container test rooms
Measurement according to DIN including measurement report
Reverberation echo period measurement
Frequency band analysis

Company profile

The Akustik-Planungsbüro-Nord GmbH is devoted to building sound insulation since 1992. Last but not least sound insulation is a hot topic in the industry, because noise at work is disturbing and reduces the performance, increases error rates and accident risks and endangers health and hearing. Employers do not only have the legal obligation, but the self-interest to avoid noise.


ABN GmbH calculates, plans, constructs and produces building measures in sound protection. Therefore each order needs individual tailored solutions for particular problems. Therefore, with each order new solutions need to be found, which are individually tailored to the respective problem. All calculations and records in the area of measurement engineering are acquired and documented via own mathematical programmes. This enables the company to carry out the calculation of sound absorbers and sound proofing in an optimal and cost-efficient way. The innovative sound proofing plants from Breitenberg are successfully established worldwide.


There exists a close collaboration with following companies:

Siemens AG, Berstorff GmbH, Lufthansa AG, BASF AG, Sterling Sihi-Anlagenbau GmbH, Holcim-Deutschland AG, Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH, EON, Mannesmann, KM Europa AG, Otto Versand, Conti Tech Antriebssysteme GmbH, Daimler Chrysler Aerospace (DASA) and Bayer AG.


Recently the company successfully met a special challenge: by order of Siemens AG, ABN planned a sound proofing measure on a large-scale transformer and on three inductors in the relay station in Lübeck-Siems. As these were the first inductors worldwide to be installed in a residential area, Siemens AG had to fulfil strict obligations concerning the noise perception of the plant. ABN mastered this task; in November 2004 the plant was approved without any complaints and is since then trouble free in operation.

Transformer capsule, construction project Siemens

Transformer capsule, construction project Siemens

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