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Bolle & Cords Elektrotechnik GmbH

Gewerbestraße 16

25358 Horst


+49-(0)4126 / 3 88 12 
+49-(0)4126 / 3 88 13 
Founding year: 
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Holger Cords 

Industrial sector

  • Automation engineering, measurement and control technology, process visualisation


Fields of application

  • Equipment and plants for aircraft construction
  • Switch and control gear for industry, shipbuilding and navy



From the definition of electronic and mechanical requirements via project planning up to operable and documented plants


Examples aircraft construction:

  • REKON equipment family: temperature and control devices
  • THJ high temperature data transmission
  • Flexible heating area elements


Examples shipbuilding and navy:

  • Air condition and steering gears
  • Driving shaft seal plants


Examples deep sea technology:

  • Electrical equipment for laying submarine cables
  • Data transmission via fibre optic cables
  • Cable length counters
  • Underwater cameras including spot lights


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Company profile

The company Bolle & Cords was founded in 1989 by Jürgen Bolle and Holger Cords. The company’s speciality is the combination of electronic and mechanical engineering, which enables a wide range of services. Customers receive all services from one source: from the definition of electronic and mechanical requirements via the project planning up to operable and documented plants.


For instance, Bolle & Cords developed the complete plant of electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic components for an underwater plough, which lays fibre optic cables for multimedia data transmission at the bottom of the sea. The capsule which contained the technology and which had to sustain a pressure of over 100 bars at 1000 metres below the sea was also developed and manufactured by Bolle & Cords.


Developments from Bolle & Cords are not only applied in the deep sea. The equipment family REKON is employed in repair works of assembly parts and engines of airplanes and vessels. The application of the control device REKON 0XX is specified and applied for the reconditioning and repairs of CFK (carbon) components at the Airbus Deutschland GmbH.

Infusion plant for carbon fibre reinforced plastic resins

Underwater cameras with spot lights

REKON repair device for carbon fibre reinforced plastic components

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