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weber Sensors GmbH

Strohdeich 32

25377 Kollmar


+49-(0)4128 / 5 91 
+49-(0)4128 / 5 93 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
approx. 40 worldwide, 25 of them in Kollmar 
approx. 2 Mio. EUR 

Industrial sector

Systems for measurement and control


Fields of application

Steel industry, metals and mining, air conditioning technology, renewable energy, transport, water treatment, food production



The following sensors belong to the product portfolio of weber Sensors

flow-captor (sensor for liquid media)
vent-captor (sensor for air and other gases)
foto-captor (hot metal detector for applications in steel mills)
proxi-captor (inductive proximity switch and meter
for detection in the steel industry)
accessory (e.g. power supplies, cable and pipe connections)

Weber’s flow- and vent-captors operate to the calorimetric principle without any moving parts. Herewith the changing temperature with different velocities of the medium will be collected and counted back as well to the flow-velocity as to the volume of the medium to be measured.


Other locations

  • weber Sensors Ltd., Great Britain

    (distribution company)

  • weber Sensors LLC, USA

    (distribution company)



Captor products are distributed through a dense sales and distribution network worldwide.



Weber Sensors GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


weber Sensors GmbH - monitoring, controlling, regulating, measuring

For 60 years weber Sensors is represented worldwide on the sensor market.


Under the trademark captor® we develop, produce and distribute sensors for monitoring and measuring of liquid and gaseous media as well as inductive proximity switches and hot metal detectors for the steel industry.


The flow-captor is a high-precise, compact and robust flow sensor for monitoring or measuring liquid media. It offers a high level of functionality, especially at low flow rates, and is available in a large variety of different types.


The vent-captor is a compact, electronic sensor for monitoring or measuring air and other gaseous media. It offers a high level of functionality, especially at low flow rates, and is available in a large variety of different types.


The foto-captor is a hot metal detector (HMD) which works properly and reliable even under rough working conditions as you can find especially in steel mills. The foto-captor is available in many different versions, regarding to minimum temperature response, optical data, design and electrical data.


The proxi-captor is an inductive proximity switch and meter for metal detection in the steel industry. It is suitable for switching distances up to 250 mm and for high ambient temperature up to 200° C / 392° F. The proxi-captor is available as compact or remote system. Individual solutions are possible.


vent-captor 3202.0x

flow-captor 4120.13

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