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ESCD Elektronik Service Christoph Dichte

Fährstraße 33

25541 Brunsbüttel Süd

near to the border of Steinburg


+49-(0)4852 / 87 00 1 
+49-(0)4852 / 87 00 3 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
ca. 1,4 MEUR 
Contact person: 
Jörg Dichte 
Jörg Grimsmann 

Industrial sector

  • Electronic industry


Fields of application

  • Electronic devices production
  • Specialised technology
  • Tool building



  • Printed circuit board equipment in SMD & THT
  • Reflow, vapour phase, convolutions and hand soldering
  • In circuit, function and climate test
  • Process monitoring
  • Artificial ageing
  • Material procurement
  • Logistic and dry storage


Other locations

  • Annastraße 14, 25541 Brunsbüttel, Germany



  • Reese + Thies Industrieelektronik GmbH, Itzehoe, Germany



  • Accredited in ISO9001:2000
  • Nuclear accreditation KTA1401
  • Trained IPC Trainer in IPC-A-610 Norm


Company profile

Our business is established since 1978 and produces electronic devices. In the first years of our existence balance computer were manufactured for a market leader. In 1984 we developed, manufactured and distributed a floppy disk accelerator for the C64 series in our company.


The extension of our product range took place in the establishment of an agency for audio and video systems. Our most spectacular project in this field was the installation of a discussion- and translating system with more than 1000 microphones in the convention centre Karlsruhe. Since 1986 we manufacture devices for customers in the field of medicine, sun protection and building control. In 1990 we enlarged our production from 140 up to 240 square metres. To keep up with the progressing scaling down in the devices production we enlarged our production facilities with a SMD equipment line from Siemens.


Because of increased required space by the SMD production new buildings were hired in the neighbourhood with about 560 square metres. At present two SMD equipment lines from the Siemens type series HS180 and SP120 and the Siplace line with S15 and F3 module are available for the electronic device production.


The company Elektronik Service C. Dichte (ESCD) want to be a competent and reliable partner, who is aware of its responsibility regarding resources, environment and generations to come. Our employees are responsible for the successful implementation of our maxim; therefore we offer a careful apprenticeship and training. The quality management system should enable transparency of processes and should help to build up confidence by our customers and suppliers.

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