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EVENTUS GmbH Wilster

Bahnhofstraße 30

25554 Wilster


+49-(0)4823 / 90 90 
+49-(0)4823 / 90 91 9 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
580 TEUR 
Contact person: 
Hendrik Gertz 

Industrial sector

  • Tax consultancy, CRM and document management


Fields of application

SMEs with high quantities of documents, more than 25 employees, several locations, Mobil-Using requirements and networks


  • The innovative EVENTUS Office Information System OIS: an application, which enables the service industry in particular to display and operate processes and document management in an integrated approach.
  • The EVENTUS quality management approach, EVENTUS GMS, based on OIS.
  • The accountancy process and the enterprise report systems (EVENTUS Up-Rate Reports) are integrated in OIS.


Other locations

  • Hannover,Germany
  • Halberstadt, Germany
  • Wolfenbüttel, Germany






  • ISO 9000


A class better in everything

The EVENTUS chamber looks back on 54 years of development and was founded in 1949 from the Directors grandfather.


Since the company take over in 1999 through Hendrik and Matthias Gertz it was especially looked after the technical development of the systems. EVENTUS-OIS was developed out of the first communication system and is a one-of-a-kind innovative solution of the integration of processes and document management. The product is based on IBM-Lotus-Domino-Notes, which will be adapted to individual customers’ needs. The complete solution including the server configuration will be provided via standard internet access. On site software clients will be installed on PC or notebook. The Notes-Domino-Platform offers the possibility to replicate onto local mobile computers. Replicating in comparison to copying and complete locking of data records respectively means an intelligent data transfer between client and server regarding to the mobile processed data. With Release 7.0 the Domino-Server can directly communicate with SQL databases. This fact broadens the possibility to consolidate different software applications under the user interface of OIS. The dual buffer storage provides a fast access to the data. The application is user friendly organised and indicates all standard functions of a modern CRM tool. Additional functions allow the standardised multimedia-based approach of large customer groups in form of bulk mailings, facsimiles and e-mail marketing.


EVENTUS GmbH does not only cover the field of tax related issues, but all categories of business requirements of an SME. This is possible through the cooperation in the EVENTUS consultancy network, on which EVENTUS GmbH Wilster was and is significantly involved. Due to on-site consultancy, EVENTUS is able to identify the customers’ needs, configures an individual offer and manages the realisation of all consultancy projects. This leads to an actual holistic offer from one source.

The EVENTUS network

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