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Affeldt Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Altendeich 14

25335 Neuendorf


+49-(0)4121 / 29 60 
+49-(0)4121 / 29 61 48 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
18 Mio EUR 
Contact person: 
Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Gerdes 

Industrial sector

Machine construction

Fields of application

Weighing and packaging mainly in the areas

Food (Agricultural, horticultural, bakery, deep frozen products)
Graphic arts industry


Food / Non-Food

Counting machine (with photocells or camera system)
Weighing machines
Packaging machines (Clipping machines, form, fill and seal machines, PE-Film baggers, sewing machines)
Haulting plants
Printer for labels and barcodes
Filling machines


Graphic Industry:

Rotary tables
Sealing machines
Shrink tunnels
Control engineering
Tour manager


Software Development:

Development of customer specific plants


According to customer requirements

We package it!

Affeldt Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH develops outstanding solutions in the area of weighing and packaging technology since thirty years. Whether granular or solid goods, whether food or non-food, whether newspapers or magazines: Affeldt offers the appropriate line to dose, transport, label, pack and distribute all products.


The machines do not only guarantee safe operations and complete with the compulsory product specific hygiene standards, but also offer special features such as the construction system VA-EtC wash down. This system simplifies cleaning due to a special construction.


From the taking over of the goods from the production until to the packaged, despatch ready unit all steps (carrying, counting, weighing, steering and packaging) can be carried out by Affeldt machines. Thanks to the special construction and modular design of the machines and lines a great variability can be achieved. So for example count and weighing machines can be combined with every packaging machine from Affeldt.


Engineers and constructors set new standards in the weighing and packaging technology and offer users in the whole world competitive advantages. Affeldt Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is able to offer an entirely one-step machine production and installation, including development and construction of hardware and software.


In addition a substantial service, implementation and maintenance, telephone service, spare parts and reparation service as well as the optimisation of existent machines is available on the spot and worldwide.



Graphic Arts Industry

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