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Christoph Maroscheck 

Industrial sector

  • Medical technology


Fields of application

Eye surgery

  • particularly treatment of eye cataract
  • surgical correction of ametropia



  • Disposable injector IOLMATIC for the implantation of artificial lenses. The IOLMATIC can be delivered with integrated lens
  • Innovative plastic lens, so called Binder-lens, which will be fixed without risk-entailing seam in the iris and so optimum positioned and fixed, which cannot be achieved with standard lenses


Company profile

Eye cataract, a clouding of the lens, which affects many elderly people is worldwide the most common cause for blindness. The clouded lens can be removed by surgery and replaced by a plastic lens.

IOLUTION GmbH in Itzehoe develops products, which optimise the surgery process and relieves the health care system and soothe the physcological strain of the patients.


This is possible through the innovative one way injector IOLMATIC. Up to now the lens will be implanted with the traditional tweezers because the handling of the conventional injectors is time-consuming and complicated.

The innovation of IOLMATIC consists of its folding mechanism which helps the IOL (IntraOkulareLinse) to be in rolled to the injector inside. In this “Preloaded Version” the IOLMATIC will be delivered in a common sterile packing with the integrated IOL. The IOL can be preloaded with one strike and unfold automatically in the right place.


In comparison to tweezers or conventional injectors the IOLMATIC offers numerous advantages:

There is no danger of damaging the IOL by an implantation, whereby costs and complications can be avoided. The closed system with integrated lens ensures sterility to a great extend. The minimisation of the cut size as well as the time saving of 10 percent increase comfort and safety of the operation and reduces the risk postoperative complications.


The unique selling proposition of the Binder-Lens is the 100 percent stable anchorage with the aid of extended mountings, which anchor through patented mounting plate anchors. The Binder-Lens gives a 50 percent time saving by special operation complications. Anchorage of the lens by using a seam is not necessary.


The proven ability to focus on the close range of vision of the Binder-Lens offers patients a life without glasses or contact lenses.

Binder-Lens with mountings and patented anchors

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