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Pano Verschluß GmbH

Gasstraße 29

25524 Itzehoe


+49-(0)4821 / 77 06 0 
+49-(0)4821 / 77 06 99 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
15 Mio EUR 
Contact person: 
Wulf Eberhardt 

Industrial sector

  • Machine construction, tool making and metal processing


Fields of application

  • Food industry



Fabrication of closures and cans

  • PANO SR: Snap closure for glasses without opening bulge
  • PANO AK: Stackable disposable one-time closure
  • Pano T: Turning closures
  • Pano TWS: Cam turning closures
  • Candy boxes
  • Development and fabrication of complete, fully automated steam vacuum sealing machines with transport system, closure support or sorting and conveying system, including maintenance and service of closure machines.
  • Tool making, development and fabrication of tools for manufacturing of closures
  • Varnishing and printing of metal sheet panels


Other locations

  • Brunsbüttel, Germany



  • ISO 9001:2000


Company profile

With over 80 years of experience Pano is a leading and innovate specialist for the closing of preserves and canned food in glasses.


Pano is since the beginning of glass canned goods established in this industry and has a large experience in this field. The customer can make use of Pano’s large experience even if the customer only has a rough product idea only. Pano compiles a solution, which application, vision and price is individually focused on the costumers’ needs – from the choice of glasses to the fabrication and printing of the closures until the development of the complete closure machines.


Innovative products form the history of the company. In 1938 Pano was able to present the first vacuum metal closure at the Leipzig International Spring Fair. Today, Pano develops solutions for innovative packaging with consumer-friendly opening principles. As a result, Pano received the German Packaging Award 2004.


All Pano products are fabricated deploying the most modern technology with highest precision and are subject of efficient quality controls.

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