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Rumflether Straße 13

25554 Wilster


+49-(0)4823 / 77 0 
+49-(0)4823 / 77 12 74 
Founding year: 
Number of employees: 
16 Mio. EUR 
Contact person: 
Dipl.-Ing. Hartmuth Bohmeyer 

Industrial sector

  • Precision engineering


Fields of application

  • Electrical and electronic industries
  • Cigarette lighter, clock and jewellery industries
  • Air and space technology
  • Medical/dental technology
  • Optical instruments technology/photography technology
  • Writing instruments technology
  • Weapons and military technology



  • Turning lathe techniques
  • Metal processing (mechanical and electrochemical)
  • Deep-drawing
  • Surface coating
  • Galvanization (final, intermediate layers)
  • Product and tool development
  • Development and production of high quality writing instruments
  • Mounting technique
  • Industrial services: technical checks and analyses



  • METAPLAS IONON GmbH, Hohenlockstedt, Germany


Other locations

  • 90513 Zirndorf, Germany
  • Planá, Czech Republic


We can shape any metal!

Surpro GmbH in Wilster is a metal processing, galvanization and assembly company for decorative and technical economic goods with highest requirements. In the most modern with CNC-controlled machines equipped automatic turnery swivels are produced out of brass, silver, gold and if desired by the customer out of other metals with highest accuracy and precision in three shifts.


The galvanic equipment as well as for the special cleaning tasks installed degreasing equipment conforms to the latest technical specifications. To the companies’ special competences belongs the fabrication and further processing of axially symmetric bushes and parts (diameter 2-20mm) out of refined steel, brass, silver, gold, aluminium and synthetics in the deep drawing process and CNC-turning out of pipes and rods.


Surpro is not only specialised on the production of turning parts with highest precision, but also on fabrication and refining of surfaces. The surface coating is carried out in the fully automated galvanization facility using environmentally-oriented processes. At this we develop anti-corrosive effect solutions for different requirements. Our own laboratory keeps control of the baths and sewages which guarantees a high flexibility and quality. For continuous process control, Surpro uses a non-damaging X-ray fluorescence coating thickness measurement system.


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