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YARA Brunsbüttel GmbH

Holstendamm 2

25541 Brunsbüttel


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Founding year: 
Foundation of Norsk Hydro in Norway in 1905, plant in Brunsbüttel in 1978 
Number of employees: 
About 7500 worldwide, about 190 in Brunsbüttel 
Contact person: 
Dr. Udo Stark 
Public relations 

Industrial sector

  • Bio, chemical and environmental technology


Fields of application

  • Agriculture, animal feed production
  • Chemical industry
  • Chemicals for flue gas cleaning
  • Adhesive and synthetic resin industry



  • Ammonia
  • Urea
  • Technical inert gases



Since 1993 the plant in Brunsbüttel is certified according to international quality standards ISO 9000 and works on the basis of DIN EN 9001:2000.

Growth from the beginning on

Yara is the world's leading producer of mineral fertilizers and industrial chemicals. The company was founded in 1905 under the name Norsk Hydro with its head quarter in Oslo. In 2004 the company was restructured and the agriculture section operates as an independent company under the name YARA today.


The plant in Steinburg has two main production units: the ammonia and the urea plant. The ammonia will be processed to plant nutrients in other YARA production facilities in Europe; in addition it will be distributed internationally as a basic material for the production of synthetics, adhesives and colouring material. The ammonia plant differs from other plants, while using super heavy oil and not natural gas as a basic material. Super heavy oils contain sulphur and metal components, particularly vanadium. These will be extracted after the gasification of oils in integrated process plants as elementary sulphur for the fabrication of sulphuric acid and as vanadium mixed oxide for the fabrication of special steels.


Urea is used next to the application as a nitrogen single nutrient as well as a basic material for feed production as well as a basis product for the pharmaceutical and synthetic resin industry.


Different ammonia and urea qualities are produced according to specifications, which are aligned of the concrete requirements of the market. Furthermore an air separation plant in the ammonia synthesis plant creates the air gases nitrogen, oxygen and argon, which are used for different technical and industrial applications.


To guarantee a possible environmentally compatible production and application of their own products, YARA invests considerable funds in research and development.


Production facility in Brunsbüttel

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